Omelettes For Dinner?

Grated Potato and Cheese Omelette

“Grated Potato and Cheese Omelette” from Saveur

This recipe and photo came in my morning email and I was all excited and pushed all those little buttons to get it here on the blog. I was checking out the recipe, which is fairly simple, and it says this makes an excellent dinner dish and I’m a little confused about that but then again who am I to prevent more breakfast type foods from happening throughout the day? I’m nobody, that’s who. Nobody prevents breakfast from happening. EVER.

The SAVEUR Video Festival


Check out videos like this one titled “Beer” by Luke Goodman in the “Under 60 seconds” Category.

So in between filling out pre-approvals, check requests, co-teaching a class, budgeting and planning for a DC field trip and trying to figure out the best location for my attempt at growing plants in the office I discover fun things like this: The SAVEUR Video Festival.

I rarely remember to have my camera on hand to take photos of the food I actually make at home. I NEVER make videos because when I do it doesn’t matter how fancy my equipment… those videos are just unappetizing.

But here are some people who got their stuff together and made some fantastic videos. And all about food! Check them out and share your favorites with us.