Ice Cream Week: “Olive Oil Gelato” (Day 7)

Olive Oil Gelato

“Olive Oil Gelato” from Saveur

Some time ago, back during the aftershocks of almost ending up in a very bad situation in Chad, I went with my mom to Jaleo in DC with another lady who was giving me tips on getting a job in foreign aid. My resume looks good for that type of work. Unfortunately I know I would hate it. I love traveling. I love helping others. And I really do want to be of use to the world. But that just really isn’t my niche.

All that personal junk aside… I remember that when we were there the most interesting thing on the menu for us was the “Olive Oil Ice Cream”. My mom thinks it will taste horrible. I think it could be interesting. But we never actually ordered it and so we still have no end to the debate. I recently finished up my good quality olive oil that I had around so I might need to buy a small amount of something really nice to try and make this gelato but I’m for sure going to give it a try. And I might try doing it as an ice cream as well because I would like to see the difference between the two with using a rather simple ingredient (which is also complex in flavor) like olive oil.

And that concludes the Foodie Nation’s Ice Cream Week! Hope you all enjoyed and are getting your regular dose of frozen goodies wherever you and whatever the weather might be.


Food Porn: A Self Diagnostic

I just got back into the office from circling the campus to drop of papers here, set up online courses there, and planning community gardens everywhere I can find space when I saw the following article on The Daily Meal:

“Obsessively Photographing Your Food Might Be a Sign of Mental Illness”

The tag line was “Food Porn Sign of Mental Illness?” and of course I was a little concerned. Not that I have a problem or anything…

But let’s be honest, I occasionally take pictures of my food. Not that I’m obsessed with pictures of the food I make but because other people are. And I’m not being conceited at all. But I know some people… Some people…

However, we’re being honest here. *Now Entering the Foodie Quadrangle of Honesty.* I really like food. And if you’re in my happy little Foodie Nation you probably do too. You may even have referred to food in an odd way that may have been sexually confusing to your friends. I’m here to tell you that’s okay. But one thing is not okay and that’s being a food hoarder. If you make a batch of these:

Mandarin Orange & Olive Oil Mini Doughnuts

“Mandarin Orange & Olive Oil Mini Doughnuts”

you had better be sharing them. Because eating alone is nice and all but you don’t just hog all the mini doughnuts. That’s just bad form.

Also, if you make this:

Martha's Mac and Cheese

“Martha’s Mac and Cheese” from Smell’s Like Home

and eat the whole thing yourself…? Just stop. Really. Now I’m super concerned AND offended.

So this is my suggestion to all those poor lost foodies out there making massive piles of unhealthy foods and just eating it all without hindrance:

1. Stop that.

2. Call a few friends (including me)

3. Share

4. You may take photos. That part was never the problem so you just go right ahead and do that.