Ice Cream Week: “Frozen Honey Cream” (Day 3)

Frozen Honey Cream

“Frozen Honey Cream” from Martha Stewart

I understand that many people do not own an ice cream maker. It is sad. I understand. So this recipe is for you. And for the rest of us because sometimes our “barrel” is still re-solidifying in the freezer or we are out of ice or something and we really need to get our ice cream on. Plus this recipe sounds super yummy and my super-taste buds are telling me that they would definitely like the idea of anything with a name like “Honey Cream”… Gutter-buds…

Ice Cream Week: The Scoop (“Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream”)

Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream

“Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream” from Deliceux

This is the official announcement that I am finally the owner of my very own ice cream maker. If you remember, last summer I intended to buy one and just… well I didn’t. And I still haven’t. Here’s the scoop (and no I’m not above a few puns every once in a while).

I was down having lunch in the ol’ English department with a beloved professor (who is, funny enough, the only professor in the department that I never actually took a class from) last week and we got to talking about making stuff yourself. Root beer is the one I’m planning to try next. I’m pretty sure I actually have all the equipment and ingredients at home so more on that adventure later. But I mentioned that I had been planning to get an ice cream maker but had just never made it far enough in the process where I actually owned one. And so, in the midst of all this, he jumped on the office computer and on Friday afternoon when I returned from running errands with my dear maman there is was… Under the big box of reading books I had ordered for all the professors teaching for my program next year, there it was…

First thing I did was a quick read through of the instructions and all that care and keeping stuff then into the freezer it went until Saturday when I made up a very simple vanilla bean custard with whole milk, eggs-yolks, a little sugar, and a whole vanilla bean. There was no room in the fridge to chill the custard so into an ice bath it went and as soon as it was cool enough. Wwhhhhhiirrrrrrrrrrrthunkwhirrrrrrrrrthunkwhrrrrrr…. Yeah there was a drip in the freezer or something weird and this line of ice dribbled down the inside of the barrel and made this bad thunking sound so that had to be fixed before continuing. Then it was scraped (carefully, because grabbing a frozen metal barrel with your bare hands is almost never ever a good idea) into a container and put back in the freezer while company filtered into the living room for a viewing of “The Hobbit” which I had bought my mummy for Mother’s Day. She had to work while we were watching the movie but she was at least in the room with us and somewhat interacting.

We had our ice cream (which was still rather soft but like I cared. I mean I had just made ice cream at home in my brand new ice cream maker) with brownies and a few leftover mini apple pies I had made on Friday. And as soon as I had managed to clean out the machinery without there being a frozen residue on it I popped it back in the freezer (which is impressively not too full for me to do that) and on Sunday I made an overly ginger-y “Rose & Candied Ginger” “Gelato” with just milk that had been attemptedly cooked down a little. I’m not actually sure how that process works but I don’t think I did it quite right. The product turned out just fine, though, if not too spicy from me using about a 1/2 cup of ginger to make an extract and then candying the remaining bits and adding them in.

But the weather is getting warmer, not that this has ever been a factor in my ice cream/frozen treat consumption, and so I’m declaring this the first (of many) Ice Cream Week in the Foodie Nation!

We start off with the above ice cream from Delicieux: “Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream” and will continue with a new recipe that I find to try every day this week.

Keeping It “Veggie”

Black Bean Burgers with a Smoky Red Pepper Spread

Black Bean Burgers with a Smoky Red Pepper Spread

So, like a good Asian daughter, I’m probably at church right now. That means I’ve selected this recipe before hand and schedule it’s presentation unto you, my Foodie Nationals. At some point I’m going to go all Steven Colbert and start all my blogs with “Welcome Foodie Nation!” Since being a Seventh-day Adventist is often synonymous with vegetarianism (if you’re doing it “right”) it could be a great selling point to those who are interested in either. I’m against organized religion and totally for making my mom not cry so I’ve stuck around long enough in this religion to know I’ll survive. And just to be clear, we’re not all vegetarians. Clearly. But that’s all theological crap that really should have no place here. This is about food. And food is what I’m probably not doing right now. But I’m probably thinking about food. And in the spirit of keeping it “Veggie” here’s what I’ve got. I really, really like, veggie burgers. No, they are not real burgers in the sense that they are made from a real cow, but they are so yummy. I’ve got these masala burgers… and the burgers featured in the post just look yummy. I’ve never actually tried making my own burgers (meat or vegetarian) but I really should try sometime. It would be great to try and then I could put in all the stuff I want like roasted red peppers (the only way I will ever eat red peppers is roasted or liquefied in some way), eggplant, cheeses, spices, the whole nine-yards. Then I can freeze them and take them to work and everyone will just wonder at my awesomeness!!

Oh wait… I forgot it’s still a weekday and that this will go out on Saturday and I really shouldn’t be talking about work on Saturday. The Sabbath is sacred and I will not desecrate it with that which is not worthy.

Because Breakfast Should Never Be Half-Assed (Bonus)

Oversize Breakfast Biscuits

“Oversize Breakfast Biscuits”

I know the “Make Ahead” Breakfast week has passed but here are some other recipes I’ve found that can be use for future breakfasts. The biscuits pictured above, for example. Just make the dough and keep it in the fridge. In the morning, stick ’em in the oven and let them bake while getting ready to go.

Lox, Eggs, and Onions Quiche

“Lox, Eggs, and Onions Quiche”

Zucchini and Olive Breakfast Cake, French-Style

“Zucchini and Olive Breakfast Cake, French-Style” from The Kitchn

"Baked French Toast" from The Fauxmartha

“Baked French Toast” from The Fauxmartha

Because Breakfast Should Never Be Half-Assed (Day 7)

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

“Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake” from Alexandra’s Kitchen

Like my Friday, Sunday is a pretty lazy occasion. So making this on Saturday night would be simple and would also mean that if we happen to have guests that have stayed the night, they won’t need to starve while I sit around enjoying my Sunday morning cup of freshly ground Mayorga’s coffee. I’ve had a friend stay over two weekends in a row now and she wakes up early and I don’t like eating when i first wake up so poor thing just sits there starving without telling me. But, if I have this “Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake from alexandra’s kitchen all prepared I can just stick it in the oven while we watch cartoons and she attempts to teach me the art of crocheting. I’m really not very good at it but I like having something to do with my hands and the cross stitching patterns at the craft store were really and truly awful.

Because Breakfast Should Never Be Half-Assed (Day 6)

Banana-Oatmeal Muffins

“Banana-Oatmeal Muffins” from Foodienarium

Saturday mornings are a bit hectic in my house. We have to wake up and be ready to leave the house by 8:30 to get out to Rockville to pick up my Gma for church and then do some backtracking and actually drive to church in time for various programming that begins at 10:00 AM. So not the best rest of the weekend but it is later than we usually leave for work/school in the mornings. I think that even though this is another muffin recipe (and I was going for no repeats) I’d be best making these “Banana-Oatmeal Muffins Recipe” from Foodienarium because it can be supplemented with other foods if people are awake early enough to prepare something or it can be eaten quickly or brought in the car to eat on the go by some of the more sleep-prone members of the family. The muffins could also be brought along to Sabbath school to help fuel the intense philosophical discussion that go on while I’m busy in the corner coloring or drawing floor plans that would allow me to have a full apartment without ever leaving home (we’re thinking of building an apartment into our basement. I’m making sure there’s a proper kitchen. No worries).