Ice Cream Week: The Scoop (“Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream”)

Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream

“Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream” from Deliceux

This is the official announcement that I am finally the owner of my very own ice cream maker. If you remember, last summer I intended to buy one and just… well I didn’t. And I still haven’t. Here’s the scoop (and no I’m not above a few puns every once in a while).

I was down having lunch in the ol’ English department with a beloved professor (who is, funny enough, the only professor in the department that I never actually took a class from) last week and we got to talking about making stuff yourself. Root beer is the one I’m planning to try next. I’m pretty sure I actually have all the equipment and ingredients at home so more on that adventure later. But I mentioned that I had been planning to get an ice cream maker but had just never made it far enough in the process where I actually owned one. And so, in the midst of all this, he jumped on the office computer and on Friday afternoon when I returned from running errands with my dear maman there is was… Under the big box of reading books I had ordered for all the professors teaching for my program next year, there it was…

First thing I did was a quick read through of the instructions and all that care and keeping stuff then into the freezer it went until Saturday when I made up a very simple vanilla bean custard with whole milk, eggs-yolks, a little sugar, and a whole vanilla bean. There was no room in the fridge to chill the custard so into an ice bath it went and as soon as it was cool enough. Wwhhhhhiirrrrrrrrrrrthunkwhirrrrrrrrrthunkwhrrrrrr…. Yeah there was a drip in the freezer or something weird and this line of ice dribbled down the inside of the barrel and made this bad thunking sound so that had to be fixed before continuing. Then it was scraped (carefully, because grabbing a frozen metal barrel with your bare hands is almost never ever a good idea) into a container and put back in the freezer while company filtered into the living room for a viewing of “The Hobbit” which I had bought my mummy for Mother’s Day. She had to work while we were watching the movie but she was at least in the room with us and somewhat interacting.

We had our ice cream (which was still rather soft but like I cared. I mean I had just made ice cream at home in my brand new ice cream maker) with brownies and a few leftover mini apple pies I had made on Friday. And as soon as I had managed to clean out the machinery without there being a frozen residue on it I popped it back in the freezer (which is impressively not too full for me to do that) and on Sunday I made an overly ginger-y “Rose & Candied Ginger” “Gelato” with just milk that had been attemptedly cooked down a little. I’m not actually sure how that process works but I don’t think I did it quite right. The product turned out just fine, though, if not too spicy from me using about a 1/2 cup of ginger to make an extract and then candying the remaining bits and adding them in.

But the weather is getting warmer, not that this has ever been a factor in my ice cream/frozen treat consumption, and so I’m declaring this the first (of many) Ice Cream Week in the Foodie Nation!

We start off with the above ice cream from Delicieux: “Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream” and will continue with a new recipe that I find to try every day this week.


Soy Milk-Arborio Rice Pudding with Poached Figs

Soy Milk-Arborio Rice Pudding with Poached Figs

My mother is a public health person specializing in women and babies and such. What does that mean? It means I knew about condoms before I even knew what they were for and that it’s really super important to breast feed your baby. And that cow’s milk is bad for babies. So what did my brother and I get as babies? Soy milk. As a baby… loved it! Liked it as a kid, too. Somewhere in there, though, and I honestly can’t remember when, I just couldn’t stand soy milk. I don’t care how smooth it is, or what flavor it is, I won’t drink it. It tastes weird, it doesn’t cook the way milk does, and I won’t have it. So you can imagine my devastation when I see the recipe above and think… woah, that’s nice, and find out it’s made with soy milk.

Thankfully, I’m more of an adult about things than I was before and so now I can imagine a world where this recipe is made with regular milk and NOT soy milk. Because soy milk is gross. And while I’m at it, so is almond milk, rice milk, and yes, even the stuff that comes in cartons that they call “coconut milk” which really isn’t. REAL coconut milk is amazing and I love it. All them others are just posers.

Soy Milk-Arborio Rice Pudding with Poached Figs Recipe – Joe Bastianich | Food & Wine.