Because Breakfast Should Never Be Half-Assed (Day 5)

Overnight Cranberry Coffee Cake

“Overnight Cranberry Coffee Cake” from

Thursdays are the last day that I work for the week. Since I work at an SDA institution it means that Fridays are a half day (to give people time to get ready for Sabbath). I work late on Monday nights so that I just don’t have to come in at all on Fridays. Usually this means that I stay up late or spend the time catching up on sleep but in honor of the “Make Ahead” Breakfast project I think I might be able to put this together so that on Friday morning we’ll all have something nice to eat. This also means that whenever I feel like waking up on Friday morning I won’t have to spend much time waiting for food. I can just make my first coffee of the weekend and wait for this “Overnight Cranberry Coffee Cake” to bake.