Ice Cream Week: “S’more {Brownie} Ice Cream” (Day 6)

S'More Ice Cream

“S’More Ice Cream” from Life Made Simple

I never was a big fan of the Pinterest fads like “S’more this” and “Pumpkin that”. They just don’t seem to have a ton of substance too me. Not that the recipes are necessarily bad, just that the fact that suddenly everything has to be themed on some dish or treat that we enjoy once in a while seems pointless. But this is not one of those times. While I have begun to tune things like that out, this definitely caught my attention. Mostly because it looks like a massive pile of really good chocolate ice cream.  And the idea of throwing in marshmallows and graham crackers is just diversifying the awesome. I’m not so sure about adding chocolate chips because I’m not big on large chunks of chocolate like that in my ice cream. So I might substitute brownies and call in a “S’more Brownie Ice Cream”. Seems like a good plan to me!


F*ck You Too, Week. I’m Eating Chocolate.

Chocolate chunk brownies with sea salt & pistachios

“Chocolate chunk brownies with sea salt & pistachios” from Dagmar’s Kitchen

Last summer I though I was moving to Chad to live in a sort of half-hovel above an office where I was being asked to spy on a country director while rewriting all his mistakes, going to the field (where there was a legit chance I could get kidnapped and held for ransom) to write reports, and all while the actually office thought I was being sent there to help make their tea and answer phones. The cherry on top? By the time I would have finished a 6-month contract and paid taxes and then paid most of my own ticket and whatever else for a two week break somewhere not the desert of doom, I would have SPENT money rather than earned any.

I felt so physically full of stress and unhappiness it was like I was always just one touch or word away from explosion. It was a really bad time in my life for decision making. And when I finally sobbed to my parents after they got really angry about the situation that I didn’t want to go they helped me right my letter of “You people suck and here’s a few places you can shove that ‘job’ you begged me to take” I just decided crying felt good and did it on and off for the next couple of weeks. Like I mentioned, it was a really bad time in my life.

After that incident I went through a period of awkward pseudo-employment. According to my resume I have been fully employed since 2006… I love words. They make me sound important.

And after that I finagled my way into the job I have now… Which has caused just as much stress as potentially getting kidnapped and not having a proper kitchen (seriously, they were going to give me a gas burner and a min-fridge. I wouldn’t have survived that). The one thing about this job that is definitely better is that I’m actually making money.

There are a lot of reasons a person can be unhappy where they are. In my case it’s mostly that I don’t really like people. Well… Let me be more specific. I don’t like stupid people. And this place feels like a breeding ground for stupidity sometimes and it makes life miserable.

Now, I can’t go into details but right now I’m stable but on Wednesday I almost smacked a student in the face. And that’s not a euphemism or me speaking figuratively or whatever. I actually almost smacked a student in the face. And in church after chapel too. That’s never a good sign. I almost didn’t go to work the next day but then I decided that wasn’t the best option because right afterwards I was told that I’m being offered this same job (still no benefits, just money) for another year.

I’m still not sure yet whether or not I should be crying this weekend but I do know one thing. Life is just too much to handle and I think there should be chocolate. I’ve been packing mainly desserts for my lunches at work and I know for sure that will need to stop soon but it’s the weekend and I really don’t give a crap. Plus these things that are called brownies but look like magic for the face are totally doable and so I shall do them!

Stay strong, Foodie Nation. Oh, and eat more chocolate!