Crashing the Veggie’s Masquerade Ball

Most of us have done it. We promise we’re going to have more vegetables and then end up eating one of this post’s featured featured items. Avocados, eggplant, bell peppers, okra…. oops. Guess I should go back and ammend that earlier post about okra…

I’m gonna go with the saying about if three people agree on a defninition it is one. If you agree with me that we’ll call these guys vegetables and Jesus knows what I mean in my prayers when I refer to them as vegetables that should count, right?

So to round up this *POW!* of veggies we’ll end with the fruit that dreamed of being a vegetable (and one I just happened to have way to many of this summer): The Tomato.


Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Toast with Balsamic Drizzle

Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Toast with Balsamic Drizzle

Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie

Caprese-Style Stuffed Tomatoes with Balsamic Reduction

Caprese-Style Stuffed Tomatoes with Balsamic Reduction

Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar

Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits

Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits

Burrata with White Wine and Garlic Sauteed Tomatoes

Burrata with White Wine and Garlic Sauteed Tomatoes

Summer Tomato Jam

Summer Tomato Jam

Gastroporn Menu – May.2013

May is one of those odd months. Sometimes the weather is already muggy and gross and all you want to do is sit in a cool pool of water alternating between sipping fancy drinks with umbrellas and licking something frozen. But sometimes it’s still nice and cool out and it still feels like what we think spring should feel like in our minds. So for this month’s GastroPorn Menu I’m going to go with something light that can feel cool enough to battle the heat but can also keep us feeling light enough to go run around and warm up enough to maybe just need a sweater.

Gastroporn Menu – May.2013

Salad with Avocado Dressing Bowls

“Salad with Avocado Dressing Bowls” from Dash and Bella

Matar Paneer

“Matar Paneer” by Dassana from Veg Recipes of India

Saffron Mango Lassi

“Saffron Mango Lassi” from US Masala

Pistachio Saffron Ice Cream Pops

“Pistachio Saffron Ice Cream Pops” from Simply Reem

Cold Comfort

The weather in the DC area is starting to get warmer and the humidity is starting to build up and I’ve been reminding myself that I really need to make a decision on that ice cream machine before it’s NEXT summer and I still haven’t done anything about it.  We’re not too far from it actually being a full year since I first considered getting the device and kept procrastinating until… well I think it’s evident what happened. I don’t have one.

But here are a couple alternative options that would not only allow me to NOT break my spending fast for the month of April but would allow me to take some of the hot drinks I was getting used to over the cooler months and bring them into summer with me:

Irish Coffee Pops

“Irish Coffee Pops” from Souvlaki For The Soul

Hot Cocoa Popsicles

“Hot Cocoa Popsicles” from Pastry Affair

And this is what popsicles looked like when I was a kid living overseas. My Apo used to make avocado ones for me with palm sugar. Mmmmm!

Avocado Ice Pops

“Avocado Ice Pops” from Cooking tackle

All these and more can be found and followed on the “Freeze It!” Pinterest board.

Breakfast Is Relative (National Eggs Benedict Day)

California Eggs Benedict

“California Eggs Benedict” from The Curvy Carrot

It’s gotten to the point where everything is relative. Morality, time, and even meals. Need a  burger for breakfast? Then you need a burger for breakfast! Need waffles for dinner? Then you NEED waffles for dinner! And after finding out that today is National Eggs Benedict Day and I only have one proper meal time left for the day can only mean one thing…. Breakfast for DINNER!!!

Join me, Foodie Nation! Tonight is Breakfast for Dinner night. And oh will we ever own it.

The Morning After…

Mushrooms & Vegetables with Feta

“Mushrooms & Vegetables with Feta” from KwestiaSmaku

Sooooo…. I’ve kind of been overdoing it this month. The parties, the eating out, the drinking, the not exercising. And the last couple of days I could feel it. I mean sure, I did walk about a bajillion miles  taking my friend around DC but then I also went to Nando’s, Pitango, Cork, and Founding Farmers (click to check out the restaurants).

This morning, I could barely eat my chocolate croissant from Paul. It was horrible. And now, at about 30 minutes to lunchtime I’m hungry but it’s for some serious vegetables and tons and tons of water. And maybe some decent tea. The hot water in my office is seriously far from hot and the steeping ability is far from up to par.

As I finished Excel-ing the list of honors society students (which nowhere near balances out the deficiency students but I love them anyways), I’m also surfing the great internet (for [gastro]Porn!) and seeing all these much healthier-than-I’ve-been-eating things that I sort of wish I’d had time last night to actually try cooking some of them for lunch today. Instead I was making my mom some birthday dinner creativeness and monitoring a couple teenage boys attempting to make peanut butter cookies.

And here’s what I found:

Sweet Potato Fries

“Sweet Potato Fries” from Our Best Bites

Spiced Black Bean, Grilled Avocado, and Goat Cheese Tacos

“Spiced Black Bean, Grilled Avocado, and Goat Cheese Tacos” from Naturally Ella

Creamy Avocado Pasta

“Creamy Avocado Pasta” from the Blissful Blog

Parmesan Mashed Cauliflower

“Parmesan Mashed Cauliflower” from Right@Home

Eggplant Involtini

“Eggplant Involtini” from Alexandra’s Kitchen (Because you know I just can’t help having me some eggplant)



What I Should Be Eating For Lunch

Green Goddess Salad Bowl

“Green Goddess Salad Bowl” from Grass, Roots, & Grains

So for those of you who still don’t know (or are just tuning in) I have this job thing that I do. I come into my little corner office four days a week (one day for 14 hours thus the 3-day weekends) and I “work”. As one of those unfortunately productive people in the land of the Vogon-human hybrids I usually get the bulk of my physical work done in the span of about an hour. Then I sit around waiting for all the students that aren’t “making it” that are supposed to come see me. As is evidenced by this blog and its Pinterest and Facebook siblings, they don’t seem to feel as passionately about their education as I’m paid to. You’d think they’d want to get the best out of what they paid for but it’s like spending a ton of money on some fancy exercise machine that you use like twice a year. I use mine a little more often than that but I’ve had my equipment since high school and I ain’t losing much weight so clearly that ain’t working’ all that great. Sorry, I’ve been watching “True Blood” while working up a tentative orientation schedule for August. The accents gets in your head after 4 straight seasons.

And at lunch I close my office door so I can eat while doing… well the exact same thing. But today I took a look at some of the other bloggers out there and found this: “Green Goddess Salad Bowl | Grass, Roots & Grains“. While I do usually bring in something more along the lines of a salad for lunch this past week has been a train wreck and there is currently nothing green in my fridge. There were, however, a couple tomatoes in the kitchen so yay! My mom hasn’t been home for a few days and so scrounging happens (my dad doesn’t like buying food and expects us to live off the condiment bottles in the fridge until is is completely empty).

If you read this morning’s post you’ll know that I happened to have enough energy to mix together and bake up some cornbread to go with some chili (canned vegetarian kind. Oh yeah.) and of course, my tomato. That is not salad but I’m fed and now I can be more logical about my frustrations. Speaking this morning was a task of great magnitude so I opted for sneaking down into the English department to visit my friend who is a professor down there and eat chocolate and have some tea. Their hot water making device is much better than the one in my office.

But my mother returns to us this evening and so she will probably get to go grocery shopping this week and that means healthy food!

For those of you confused how someone with a master’s degree and a full time job still needs her mother to help buy groceries it’s okay. You’re not alone. But this is what happens. It’s hard to explain. But as some form of justification I don’t drive and I live just far enough into the suburban sprawl that not driving means not having access to much besides the super cool playground.

And now I should probably reopen my office door and get back to “work”.