Noodles Make Me Happy

Dan Dan Mien

“Dan Dan Mien” from The Daily Meal

My dad left for Indonesia this morning and it’s been crazy trying to get him packed (because he really does a horrible job when left on his own) and out the door. Then my mom cried and it was sad. But now I’m thinking of noodles and that makes me happy so yay! Noodles!

Now my favorite version of this dish is made with the wide noodles because those are the best kind of noodles. Ever. And it just so happens that I am close to nearly operational with the whole noodle making capacity at home so that means I can make noodles in almost any shape I want and that’s uber exciting. This recipe calls for the dried noodles and we have literally boxes of every kind of Asian noodle known to man stacked in my pantry because we’re cool like that. I might give it a try one night this week. It looks like I’ll be doing a lot more of the common cooking with my mom recently hired for a new contract, my dad gone, and my baby brother… well he’s seventeen and the only thing he ever seems to crave is pizza and macaroni and cheese.


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