If Only Buying Salad Were As Easy

Romaine, Radicchio, and Endive Salad

“Romaine, Radicchio, and Endive Salad” from Martha Stewart

It’s now exactly one week until my contract ends in this job. The feelers are out and the applications have been sent and the interviews they have begun. I am so excited about a potential change in job that the only thing that has killed my joy is remembering all the stuff I’ll need to get in order before I leave if things work out. I’m really hoping I won’t have to sign my next contract in the middle of it all.

And because there are things to be done I had to procrastinate at least a little to make sure that I felt productive for at least part of my day. So I’ve been very busy punching holes into old papers and putting them into binders, buying comic books and graphic novels, organizing the folders on my work computer, browsing the latest literature on Amazon.com, eating lunch… Well attempting to, anyways.

I decided to start my lunch with the salad that some family member had packed yesterday and not taken to work/school. It seemed like a perfectly nice salad. I put in some dressed and shook up the container and then tried a bite. Tasted… not right. Not rotten but not like salad. It tasted like chili peppers. I don’t like chili peppers. And as I ate a few more bites the worse it got and the more I thought to myself: Worst Salad Day Ever…

And thus I ceased eating the salad and drank a bottle of water to try and get the taste out of my mouth. Still not sure what was going on there. I can eat hot foods but I really don’t like the flavor. Especially in my salad. Now, if only buying a new salad to go along with my lunch break of buying new comic books were easy across the board. a few clicks here a password linked to a debit card there and viola! Salad!

But it seems that salad is not to be on the menu today… Sigh. And I was really looking forward to that.

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