It’s a Yummy Day in the Neighborhood

Hummus with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

“Hummus with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms” from Saveur

It’s days like today that I love having a corner office with nice big windows that allow me to enjoy the blue sky and well kept grass. I’m always so confused as to why my office mate keeps her blinds shut tight all the time. It’s like she hates the outdoors or something. And she’s always either turning on a fan or a heather and it’s very weird. But I’ve got one little Strawberry plant sprouted in my window, being kept company by a plant I’m taking care of for someone indefinitely. It’s an Aralia “Galaxy”. It’s cute and I like that it can survive not being watered all the time.

I don’t know why but today seems like a good day for hummus. And this one looks fantastic. My mom has been making it rather a lot at home for snacking purposes and we’ve tested and altered the recipe she uses to it’s happy place and now I’m like… Mmmm more hummus please! But this looks like another good version to try out.

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