To Pie!

Sweet Tea Pie

“Sweet Tea Pie” from Tasting Table

If you’ve been paying attention this month, you’ll know that I’m attempting to not spend any money this month. Living at home and not having to pay for food or rent and working at the same place as your dad really allows for me to to this properly. And so far this month I’ve only spent $20.18. And there is an explanation for that which I won’t go into here.

Aside from going out to eat, which was like my only type of expense last month and for which I was eternally shamed after seeing the final bill for the month, one of the other things I tend to spend a lot on is books. I actually had a month budget for books which I could rarely stick to because once I start buying books it is over. O-V-E-R. I will buy e-books. I will buy paperbacks. I will buy graphic novels (seriously I have a half-bookshelf in my office full of them). And of course I will buy cookbooks and occasionally I will go to the thrift store and just fill up a cart of any kind of book I can get my hands on.

But I gave up buying books for Lent and then I went on my current spending fast for the month of April. This means that I haven’t bought a single book (not even the free ones because that’s like a gateway drug) since mid-February. My mom keeps pointing out that I/We aren’t Catholic but I’ve been sticking to it and so far so good. I did just get an iTunes gift card yesterday and I’m starting to slip a little but so far so good. I’m only PLANNING to buy books. I haven’t done anything I’ll regret yet.

The no-book-buying policy has forced me to turn back to my previous purchases and look at them more carefully. Some I bought on good recommendations and some I thought just looked cool. But I do have a lot of books that I haven’t actually read. This is what happens when I start downloading books (especially the free ones from iBooks or Kindle). I have amassed so many e-books (most of them free) that it’s kind of ridiculous. But now I am going back and checking everything out properly and reading them or whatever it is one does with free e-books that are mostly pictures.

And it turns out there are a few gems in my digital “pile”. For instance, I had forgotten about the two free or cheap (I can’t even remember) Tasting Table cook books I’d gotten on iBooks sometime ago and never even looked at. I was browsing the online store and it says I’d already downloaded that book. I was like “Whoa! Really? I mean that makes sense it looks like something I would get but when did I do that?”

And that’s how I found the recipe for this post. “Sweet Tea Pie”. And what do you know? My mom just replenished our never diminishing tea supply and after the party this past weekend I still have everything I need to make this recipe.

To Pie!

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