Keeping It “Veggie”

Black Bean Burgers with a Smoky Red Pepper Spread

Black Bean Burgers with a Smoky Red Pepper Spread

So, like a good Asian daughter, I’m probably at church right now. That means I’ve selected this recipe before hand and schedule it’s presentation unto you, my Foodie Nationals. At some point I’m going to go all Steven Colbert and start all my blogs with “Welcome Foodie Nation!” Since being a Seventh-day Adventist is often synonymous with vegetarianism (if you’re doing it “right”) it could be a great selling point to those who are interested in either. I’m against organized religion and totally for making my mom not cry so I’ve stuck around long enough in this religion to know I’ll survive. And just to be clear, we’re not all vegetarians. Clearly. But that’s all theological crap that really should have no place here. This is about food. And food is what I’m probably not doing right now. But I’m probably thinking about food. And in the spirit of keeping it “Veggie” here’s what I’ve got. I really, really like, veggie burgers. No, they are not real burgers in the sense that they are made from a real cow, but they are so yummy. I’ve got these masala burgers… and the burgers featured in the post just look yummy. I’ve never actually tried making my own burgers (meat or vegetarian) but I really should try sometime. It would be great to try and then I could put in all the stuff I want like roasted red peppers (the only way I will ever eat red peppers is roasted or liquefied in some way), eggplant, cheeses, spices, the whole nine-yards. Then I can freeze them and take them to work and everyone will just wonder at my awesomeness!!

Oh wait… I forgot it’s still a weekday and that this will go out on Saturday and I really shouldn’t be talking about work on Saturday. The Sabbath is sacred and I will not desecrate it with that which is not worthy.

Got something to moan about?

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