Go Green!

Fried Green Cherry Tomatoes

“Fried Green Cherry Tomatoes” from BS’ in the Kitchen

Like a typical youngster I used to hate eating my vegetables. But I really liked fried green tomatoes. Now this is a different recipe but they look fantastic, don’t they? On the original post is the recipe for regular fried green tomatoes but I’m loving the little ones.

It’s been a long love affair and now, with my variety of tomato plants growing quite nicely indoors anticipating their great planting process to come I’m getting excited about some potential cooking plants for them all. I’ve got enough plants started to grow an acre of tomatoes and baby sweet red peppers so I’m not sure where to fit them all in the back but I’m going to make it work! With the weather getting better for planting I’m just waiting on my babies to be big enough to make it on their own in my back yard. It’s more dangerous than one would imagine out there for any young plant.

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