Sure, Why Not?

Pavlovas with Passion Fruit Curd

“Pavlovas with Passion Fruit Curd” from Key Ingredient

I’m not really a morning person about 50% of the time. Because, usually, this “morning” period starts way to early and lasts way long. So, when I am awoken too early in the morning I tend to make very bad decisions. A lot of “I love you” moments have happened at 6 AM. Why? Because I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. And if I can make some of the mistakes I’ve made with issues like that early in the morning, you can probably imagine quite easily that I forget my breakfast. A lot. I forgot it this morning and now I’m looking at this lovely image and thinking: That would work. But no, it wouldn’t work. I have passion fruit curd at home (thank yous to the mommy of my roomie who’s mom makes it in Mexico and brings it to us occasionally). It’s amazing on scones (See recipe we use HERE) and scones are much better for breakfast than pavlovas. But I’m really hungry and OH! Look! There’s a whole container of black walnut and chocolate chip cookies my brother made hidden under my desk…. Why not?

Got something to moan about?

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