Pfft That

Chocolate Nutella Brioches

“Chocolate Nutella Brioches” from Foodagraphy. By Chelle.

While I was visiting a friend in Belgium a couple summers ago a met this cool dude who’s response to many things was “Pfft!”. Similar to “oh pish” and “pshaw” and other variations of using teeth and the exhalation of air to express “whateverness”, “Pfft!” is a perfectly legit response to so many things. When I saw the brioches above on Pinterest at the end of a long work day that was about to become a long work night–I don’t actually have work to DO. Just have to sit here and look productive even though I finished work weeks ago and am not waiting for the rest of the universe to catch up–I was like the opposite of “pfft!”. I was like oo la la and “ayo!” (a common Indo expression similar to “woah”). So I go to the original link to check it out and what’s the first thing I see attached to that beautiful piece of gastroporn…? Dieting and weight loss nonsense.  And to that I say: Pfft that!

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