Because Breakfast Should Never Be Half-Assed (Day 3)

Bagel-Lox Strata

“Bagel-Lox Strata” from

Tuesdays are actually my busiest day at work. Staff meetings take up a good chunk of the morning and then I sit in on the class I overseen in my program as a sort of faux-co-teacher. Then I teach that exact same material to one student in my office who is both working to help support her family and going to school full time. By the time all that and the administrative end of class stuff is taken care of for both this and next year (ongoing improvement!).

But on Tuesday nights I tend to have the house to myself and so I come home, exercise, and then have some time after showering to do some cooking. This doesn’t seem incredibly difficult so I might even have time to watch TV, read a book, or maybe even just go to bed early(!). But regardless, I think I might be able to make today’s recipe of “Bagel Lox Strata“.

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