It’s My Party and I’ll Bake If I Want To!


Macarons (The link goes to the Not So Humble Pie blog and its extensive tutorial on all things macaron making)

I’m planning my Silver Jubilee (because I really DO have delusions of grandeur) and since our household party budgets are not currently up to my intense party planning abilities I’m keeping it small(ish) and having a tea party instead of the 7-course sit down dinner for 60 like I originally dreamed up.

So I’m thinking small things and one such thing I’ve been dying to try my hand at is macarons. I’ve had them several times before and they’re very much worth trying. I got them at a friend’s graduation party ages ago, I had some in France, and the last time I had some was over Christmas/New Years when I bought my brother some down in Florida on St. Armand’s Circle along with some cute (but not as tasty as they looked) chocolates.

If you’re following the Gastrogasms: Dessert board on Pinterest you’ll see macarons pop up every so often because I think they’re simply fabulous. Here are a few finds:

French Macarons

French Macarons


Macarons (Just pretty photos of macarons from Claudia Castaldi)

Lemon Meringue Macarons

“Lemon Meringue Macarons” from Bakers Royale

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