Donuts? For Breakfast?


“Spudnuts” from Saveur

When we lived in Ethiopia it wasn’t easy for us to get many of the food products that we could in other countries with a bigger expat presence. We also lived in the middle of Nowhere. But occasionally, when we would go to Addis Ababa my dad would take me to this coffee shop around the corner from the office and get me tea and a donut. These were nothing like the donuts in the US. They were ring like dry cakes that crumbled in your tea and had next to no sugar content. Well I complained to my mom one night in our little kitchen at the back of our shipping container house with some cement rooms added on that I wanted REAL donuts. Being the resourceful and loving parent that she is, we made donuts that night. We made plain glazed, chocolate glazed, and orange glazed (like an orange marmalade glaze rather than icing).

I was so proud of the donuts that I invited my friends and we had REAL donuts that night. We haven’t made donuts since and I’ve always wanted to try making those same recipes again. When I saw this “Spudnut Donut Recipe” from I was reminded of this and think I need to actually put it onto a calendar or menu for something upcoming.

I’ve been told they’re a breakfast food but for some reason it’s just never occurred to me as being a breakfast sort of thing with the way most donuts for sale taste. But I think something homemade could be made into something more breakfast worthy.

Got something to moan about?

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