The Joys of Coffee


It’s spring break around campus. Students are scarce and faculty are not to be seen. Staff, however, are all required to come in and so here I am. It’s been a long weekend and little sleep has taken place and even less will be taking place since I have yet to finish my paintings for the wedding that’s in 3 days. So when I see the Daily Meal’s Pinterest board titled “Coffee Time is the Best Time” I’m so on it.

I don’t like drinking coffee on a workday. I rarely need to be productive enough to keep up with the caffeine. But some days the smell of coffee is all I need to feel a little better. When I was a student, my adviser used to make a fresh pot of thick black brew and the smell was fantastic. I miss that there is no one around with coffee during spring break but I suppose I could make some effort and make my own. I’ve got the emergency equipment in my desk behind my file folders.

Coffee as a pure elixir is great. I love it on the weekends. But it’s also a fantastic ingredient. From the Pinterest board I made my way to a slideshow of “7 Delicious Things To Make with leftover Coffee”. Here are two recipes I think not only look good but need to be made. I also really need to get on buying that ice cream maker because that STILL hasn’t happened yet.

Coffee Almond Ice Cream

“Coffee Almond Ice Cream” by Angie McGowan on The Family Kitchen

Coffee Donut Bread Pudding

“Coffee Donut Bread Pudding” by JulieVR on The Family Kitchen


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