First GastroGasm of the Day

So I literally bounded down the stairs this morning all awake (without coffee and after a very late night/early morning on the phone) and skipped off down the road to go vote at the elementary school near the house. My parents trailed behind commenting on whether or not I am mature enough to vote while I changed my Facebook status to “And a happy “I Get to Vote for Obama Day” to YOU!”. I picked that one only after much consideration.

Yes, I like Obama. Yes, I voted for him. And yes it makes me feel like a big girl to put the “I Voted” sticker on my office door.

While waiting in line I was browsing for Tapioca Pudding Recipes and photos of well designed Breakfast/Brunch photos. It was all I could do to keep myself from bouncing around the hallways like the mature 5-year old I felt like. I like cooking for people and one meal I especially like cooking for people is Breakfast and/or Brunch. Something about being the artist that gives a person their first GastroGasm of the day. I honestly cannot wait until I have someone to make breakfast in bed for. I don’t care how domesticated that makes me sound.

As it so happens, there is a person I send breakfast photos to on a fairly regular basis. I happened to have these photos on my phone so I’m not sure exactly where they came from. Probably Pinterest, which is not working right now. But here was today’s photo:


And here was yesterday’s (it was a vote):




And there here are some other things I couldn’t help not keeping:




So after voting and rushing to campus to try and get my dad to his first class of the day at least decently late as opposed to obscenely late (there was a big to do trying to call student workers to get a note up in his classroom), I settled into my office with some blackberries and tea while basking in the glow of a late night with awesome people and an early morning with awesome people who vote. Had some good music going on my Pandora station: Buddha Bar. Then I get a delivery of such magnitude I can’t even control my glee:


Isn’t it beautiful? I’m booking the conference room during my next late night shift in the office for a good few hours with this.

But in line with my desire for everyone to have a better day with a better breakfast, I think that starting the day off with a proper amount of sleep the night before (made better depending on what/who you do just before bed) and a bounce in your step is a good beginning point. Then eat. Take two minutes to think about something to make. Make it, then eat it. Just like thinking about your vote before you cast it, we should all put a little more effort into starting our days off better on a regular basis.

Got something to moan about?

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