Gastroporn Menu – September.2012

Dear Readers,

I apologize but this menu was not set to post automatically on Sept. 1 and is now several weeks late. The same goes for October’s Menu which will be posted shortly after this one.

Please accept my apologies and enjoy!



September. 2012

It’s time for school (and work) to peak and become hectic. But one simply cannot push aside the small things in life that remind us that all that crazy is not what makes us human. Art is what defines us and so if we are what we eat….


Back to School Tea

Madeleines (There are several recipes on this site to choose from)

Shortbread Teabag Cookies (Site originally in French)

Frozen Iced Tea (Since September can still boast some pretty warm weather)

Cucumber sandwiches (These are vegan but that is easily solved with the right substitutions)

Saffron scones with rose petal jam

A Selection of Darjeeling Teas

4 thoughts on “Gastroporn Menu – September.2012

    • It’s a vegan cream cheese spread. I have only ever seen vegan cream cheese spread used correctly once and let’s just say it wasn’t as cream cheese. I would use a regular cream cheese or, if you want something unique I’m a huge fan of the sun dried tomato flavored cream cheese.

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