How Much For The Night?

After I graduated with my BA I went out of the country for a short time then came back to do some work for the university’s new summer program. The work wasn’t great and neither were most of the students but with the rest of my family in China and Indonesia for the summer it meant that I had the house to myself. My family has been described from “energetic” (the nice way of putting it) to “This is too much, I’m leaving” (the other nice way of putting it) when we’re all trying to cook in our kitchen.

Our kitchen isn’t as small or poorly laid out as some I’ve seen or worked in but it is a bit of a challenge when there are four people in it trying to do their own thing while supposedly “helping”. Having the kitchen to myself for a summer was pure bliss. The day after my parents had left for the summer, and before I had left for my trip, I had completely cleared out the fridge and freezer of anything I didn’t want in there and also cleaned every surface on the main floor in preparation for my moving out of my stuffy and hot room upstairs and taking over the rest of the house for the summer.

I like music while I cook so I set up my computer on the breakfast bar with a set of massive speakers and created a shelf on the counter for all my cookbooks. One of the cookbooks I was looking most forward to trying was this one:

Blissful Brownies

I’m pretty sure my mom got me this book as a gift, probably for my birthday which would explain how I had gone all the way until summer without trying anything in it. After doing my senior thesis on Derrida and “Robot Visions” my brain was ready for a little R&R.

Robot Visions – by Isaac Asimov

I started spending my lunch breaks down in the English department with the great Overmistress of the basement and the other assistant in the program drinking tea or coffee with some baked good or other and having a good giggle or sigh over the work of the day.

One day I brought in these:

Caramel Chocolate Shortbread

It was pure evil and it was oh so good. We also decided it’s street name was “Homemade Twix”.

After sharing it around that summer and beyond I found that favors could be bought with the promise of a batch of Homemade Twix and that it could also be made into a pie dish. I’ve gotten rides, help with events, and several other favors with these immoral treats and I think it only fair that those who can bake them also be allowed the same privileges.

Caramel Chocolate Shortbread

As a side note, the caramel filling from this recipe can be made on its own and is amazing as a sauce or condiment to other things.

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