For The Love of Chocolate!

Since I’m  staying domestic this summer I’ve decided to make the best use of my time at home by choosing my next project: Chocolate!

I’ve done things with chocolate before like chocolate cupcakes, ganache, pudding, brownies, hot chocolate and chocolate mousse but this time I want to try making chocolates and experimenting with some different types of chocolate.

Some time back I found a book on chocolate with some basic recipes and also a decent section (almost a third of the book) on hosting a chocolate tasting. My copy didn’t come with the “sumptuous packaging” but I always hated those paper sleeves on cookbooks.

“Chocolat” by Stéphan Lagorce

Here are a list of the things I want to work on from this book:

  • Flowers & Chocolate
  • Truffles
  • Liqueur filled chocolates (not actually in the book but I need to try)
  • White Chocolate (specifically Saffron & White chocolate)
  • Dark chocolate (since I’m usually a milk chocolate person)
  • Ice Cream

I’m sure the list will grow and become more detailed as I continue to do more research.

Also in chocolate related news this summer, my uncle and family are coming to stay the summer and my aunt loves chocolate. While she’s here I plan to take her to Co Co Sala. For those who are in the DC area or are planning to join the mass of tourists that flood the area during the summer months I highly suggest that you make yourselves a reservation and GO. I use OpenTable for as many of my reservations so I’ve included the link along with the link to the Co Co Sala website.

OpenTable – Washington DC Restaurants

Just as a warning, their non-dessert items aren’t worth the absurd amount of money you will end up paying at this place. I’ve been to Co Co Sala several times now and the best way to go about enjoying one of their 3- or 5-course desserts is to have a light meal somewhere cheaper (There is a Teaism within walking distance and also probably one of the the best cheap eats in DC for those who are picky about their food). Also, sharing is a good idea.  2 people to a dessert is standard but depending on how much chocolate you can handle (and how much you can afford) you can do 3 people to a 5-course dessert and still leave very satisfied.

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